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Agora recognises that human societies in the twenty first century face particular challenges. We need to develop ways of life that are not only just in terms of human relationships and properly concern our well-being, but which are also much more sensitive to our impact on the earth and its ecosystems.

Agora works to promote active citizenship through social innovation, developing initiatives that, through their very existence, encourage reflection on primary areas of culture such as economies and exchange, communities and governance, appropriate technologies, and beliefs and values.

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The launch of Real Economy

Agora is pleased to announce the launch of our new Real Economy project in partnership with Bristol Pound. Real Economy aims to

  • give access to local, fresh, healthy food at affordable prices to all sectors of the city
  • encourage the formation of new enterprises, especially in areas of high unemployment
  • strengthen community life
  • increase the capacity of the local food system

The heart of the project is the formation of buying groups, which source food from local producers. Our work will be focussed on areas of little food choice and high unemployment.  The aim is to encourage members of buying groups to consider, not only sourcing their food, but making and growing their own micro-enterprises for themselves, and selling product through informal markets and the Real Economy online network.  Real Economy intends to resource these enterprises with design, legal, health and safety and simple business advice in partnership with Bristol pound businesses. Real Economy has a bespoke webtool providing an assured payment system and working in the local currency, the Bristol Pound.

Real Economy launches its buying groups with an event at Broadmead Baptist Church, Union Street, Bristol on Wednesday September 17th at 7pm.




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