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Agora recognises that human societies in the twenty first century face particular challenges. We need to develop ways of life that are not only just in terms of human relationships and properly concern our well-being, but which are also much more sensitive to our impact on the earth and its ecosystems.

Agora works to promote active citizenship through social innovation, developing initiatives that, through their very existence, encourage reflection on primary areas of culture such as economies and exchange, communities and governance, appropriate technologies, and beliefs and values.

Recent Posts

Agora launches Social Enterprise Programme

Are you someone who is forming up ideas for an interesting, new enterprise in the social and environmental sector? It could be that you have a plan for community food growing, production or distribution? Or maybe you are interested in forming a local currency, reusing materials or addressing social isolation in some way. There are so many types of enterprise possible – and the question is

Would you appreciate some help from an established social entrepreneur?

If so, you might be interested in joining the Agora Social Enterprise Programme

We are looking for the best ideas and the most promising people to join a programme hosted and mentored by a leading UK social entrepreneur. 

This programme is open for applications until July 31st 2017 – further details here

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