Grow Zones

The secret to growing food in your own garden isn’t about expert knowledge, space or time – it is about doing it with a group of friends and helping one another get started. Grow Zones, a national community growing project, brings people together locally to help one another grow fruit and vegetables in their own gardens.

Imagine a harvest of delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, grown by you in your garden. Our first thoughts might be the hard work and time, the pests, or not knowing where to start? Grow Zones has been created to address the challenges facing a new grower with little time, little knowledge and little space.

The Grow Zones approach is simple. A team gather, share ideas and expertise, and help one another plan their growing season. They then get together for an easy schedule of Saturday morning visits to each others gardens. Everyone brings any useful tools they have for the jobs that morning and something to share for lunch. The host gets everyone to work on tasks they have planned for their garden, and the morning ends with a real sense of accomplishment and a shared meal.

Grow Zones introduces permaculture as an approach to growing fruit and vegetables in a way that gives a bountiful harvest and is more in harmony with nature. Rather than working against nature, simple permaculture principles help save money, time and energy. Participants gain new knowledge and learn new skills, enjoying a sense of achievement, new friendships, and a harvest of their own fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables.

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Grow Zones is grateful to the Big Lottery’s Local Food Fund for support 

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